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July 17, 2006
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Eleanor Who? by dangeruss Eleanor Who? by dangeruss
Vexel: Vector - pixel hybrid [link]

** U P D A T E D ** - Fixed a few bothersome details and changed the wheels to a more "toon" like effect eliminating the complex reflections.

Still more collaborative work with my friend Maurizio Mancin.

Lots of people feel the "Eleanor" Ford Mustang from the remake of "Gone in Sixty Seconds" is the ultimate Mustang. To that, Maurizio and I say "Eleanor Who?" and submit this contender to the throne. A '69 Mustang "302" with a proposed 800HP twin-turbo - big block, wild bodywork, massive rolling stock and enough attitude to choke on. Based on Maurizio's pencil sketch, I did the "vexel" work with 3D Studio and Photoshop CS2.

Hey Eleanor, Who's yer Daddy?
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R2PI Nov 25, 2012   Digital Artist
Russ, I recently picked up a mesh for "Eleanor" and started trawling around the web for: 1) Accurate depictions of the car 2) Artist renditions that are spawned by the actual car. By chance, I stumbled on to your work again and what a treat it is:) It disappoints me to hear such negative, troll fired criticism. IMHO if you don't like it, crawl back under your rock! Besides, how many of you zit encrusted scrotum's actually have the fortitude to set out on your own path to make something unique. Graze on, Sheep! You'll never get "it" as long as you fail to learn by example. BTW Russ... You Da Man! No doubt your talent scares the "could be's" into self-pity and all most can do is backlash with feeble understanding of what true talent really is. Rock On! Rock Out!
have you seen this?:[link]
Moesh Jun 6, 2010  Student Interface Designer
It's very cool! but i have to say there are some things that [b]I[/b] think don't really suite the car, or are'nt completely right in my eyes.

1. the front bumper is way too big, and way too deep. the original drawing had more of a wing in the front, wich i think looks way better, and much more agressive.

2. The rims that where on the drawing looked way cooler, and also more agressive. Probably cuz those are some serious 5 spoke racing wheels with a real tough and strong look. (it's just my opinion).

3. I dont know what happened to the original body of the car :P But the mustang has to .. "wings" on the side of the hood. Its a real subtle line that is one of the subtle details that the mustang has. In your drawing it looks a bit more like it's a piece of metal just pasted on there. It doesnt really blend in with the car.

4. If u ask me, i'd have left the hoodscoop on the hood. And not make it a Roof-scoop. The hoodscoop looked WAY more agressive (sorry).

5. I liked the original spoiler much better. this looks more like a japtuner spoiler.

6. i miss a few things of the original drawing, for example: The M3 mirrors, the Rollcage, the wholes in the left window (airflow), the second (exhaust?)pipe at the wide body (behind the front wheel), the steering wheel and dashboard, the HUGE grill at the front, the citylights at the front, the hoodscoop, some essential lines, and details of the "new / original" car lines.

Now as i've showed you which things i don't realy like, i'd also like to tell u what i [b]DO[/b] like:

1. I love the color, it doesnt look as agressive as for example black, but that shows it has more character then just an agressive though car.

2. I realy like the gas capsule (or however you guys say this), it give's it a racing look.

3. I love the carbon pieces.
4. I love the Wide Body.
5. I love the fact that you kept the lights intact, this shows it's not completely a race car, and it really would be some serious competition to eleanor.
6. I love the fact that you kept the Mustang logo in the grill!

7. Now i don't know if i'd be able to do this kind of vexel images, but i really respect that you CAN do this, and i love the way u finished most of the car. I love this style of imaging.

I hope you see some things i really noticed. And as i said, i love the drawing.. It's just some details that i noticed, and i personaly don't realy like, or which noticed me, that just would'nt be right.

(btw, my english is'nt perfect, because i'm dutch. Hope you could read all of it.)
This is also a really good piece! :clap:
Metalhead737 Nov 22, 2009
i think that you should make a black '67 Shelby GT350 with red racing stripes and with pipes coming out the sides and hood just spewing out blue flames and tons of bodywork and pinstriping. That, would be the ultimate 'stang.
"F" me good stuff thanks heaps, your work is out standing
.... awesome work done...

adding to my fav :D
TatendaDesign Jun 8, 2008   Interface Designer
Have u mastered how to use the mesh gradient tool?
sandwedge Nov 22, 2007  Professional Photographer
very 8-)
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